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Who We Are

About Sarah Jeffries, Founder of CPR Training

CPR Training, founded in 2011 by Sarah Jeffries, arose from a journey of personal loss and a following dedication to empowering individuals with the indispensable knowledge required to preserve lives. Sarah endured the devastating loss of a close friend to sudden cardiac arrest, a harrowing experience intensified by the absence of essential knowledge among the witnesses to respond suitably.

This occurrence ignited Sarah's determination to master First Aid, but she discovered the prevailing training methods to be stale and cumbersome, predominantly characterized by extensive, mundane PowerPoint presentations. Driven by a newfound passion, she decided to instigate a transformative change, resulting in the establishment of CPR Training.

Her aspiration was uncomplicated yet significant: to offer hands-on, meaningful life-saving workshops to local residents and businesses. Sarah was steadfast in her commitment to depart from the conventional, tedious educational methods. She developed an innovative training approach, integrating experiential learning with multimedia components, all conveyed in her distinctive, approachable style.

The approach Sarah pioneered was revolutionary; it presented crucial knowledge in a more approachable and appealing manner and facilitated enhanced understanding and retention of vital life-saving skills amongst participants. Under Sarah’s proficient direction, CPR Training continuously strives to empower individuals with the confidence and knowledge necessary to act promptly and effectively in emergency situations.

Our Aims at CPR Training

At CPR Training, our guiding principle is a cohesive and inclusive vision: to arm individuals and organisations with the crucial knowledge and competencies required to respond effectively to life-endangering scenarios, with a focus on sudden cardiac arrests. Listed below are our key aims:

  1. Disseminate Critical Lifesaving Knowledge:We strive to spread crucial first aid knowledge, aiming to ready an ever-expanding number of individuals to manage emergencies effectively, potentially preserving lives and reducing the repercussions of injuries.
  2. Develop Stimulating Learning Spaces:The innovative and dynamic teaching strategy formulated by Sarah Jeffries is central to our training modules. We strive to uphold a learning atmosphere that is interactive, compelling, and diverges from the monotony of conventional training approaches, ensuring heightened retention and practical insight.
  3. Broaden Accessibility:One of our principal aims is to make life-saving courses universally accessible to varied audiences. We aim to reach different sectors of the community, offering cost-effective and all-encompassing training to ensure everyone has the opportunity to learn these vital skills.
  4. Persistent Refinement and Evolution:We are dedicated to persistently improving and adapting our training modules to incorporate the latest findings in first aid research, advancements in technology, and educational methodologies. We commit to remaining abreast of developments in medical insights and teaching strategies to provide the most current and efficient training.
  5. Heighten Awareness:By underscoring the significance of first aid and CPR training, we aspire to elevate public awareness about the pivotal role that immediate and accurate interventions have in enhancing survival probabilities during medical crises, thereby encouraging a greater number of people to undergo training.